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Boho Glam

Boho Glam
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So I have been trying to come up with a way to describe the look I’m going for with my aesthetic. Isn’t that the game? Well, I think I’ve found my phrasing: Boho Glam. It cracks me up because it’s really the closest thing I can find to describe my favorite style of fashion and yet…. #bohoglam seems to be strictly used for interior design... So I’m sitting here looking at a photo of a European chateau's marble fireplace, with a plant and a faux animal hide rug, and everything is jewel tones and girly, with some cool harder accents, I’m like yep- that's how I wanna dress. So there you have it. Boho glam. Shop and you may just see what I mean!


Tell me in the comments if you have heard of Boho Glam as a look before? Also tell me if you can think of better phrasing...I’m dying to know!


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