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My 6 Favorite Vintage Items & Shopping Tips from a Vintage Boutique Owner

My 6 Favorite Vintage Items & Shopping Tips from a Vintage Boutique Owner
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Shopping vintage is always a good choice. It is better for the earth, and the quality of the items you purchase is going to take your farther than fast fashion will. Garments are beautifully constructed out of fine materials such as silk, cotton & wool. You will find items that are one of a kind that no one else will have.

Tips for Vintage Shopping:

  • Vintage Dresses are about measurements rather than sizes. Know your measurements (like literally measure your bust and waist) OR ask the shopkeeper to recommend sizes, as they will have seen dresses on other customers and the mannequins. Vintage sizes on the tags do not always equate to the modern day. Some dresses will be handmade with no label and custom measurements. Avoid dressing room disappointment by asking for sizing suggestions upfront.
  • If you go into a vintage shop with an open mind you will find unspeakable treasures.
  • Hunt down specific items online.
  • What’s your Era? A quick catch up on fashion history will have you drawn to some eras over others. Do you love the shift dresses of the 60s? The pin up dresses of the 1950s? I personally love the Hollywood glamour of the 1930s and 40s. Trying on a wide range of vintage styles will also point you in a direction of which styles work best for you.

Read on to see some of my favorite vintage items to invest in:

A Vintage Coat

Think wool with rhinestone buttons, a velvet cape to wear with jeans for a girls brunch, leopard print everything, a pink satin lining, hounds tooth

Beautiful materials in striking colors, a vintage coat is classic and timeless. If you don’t buy anything else vintage, I highly suggest investing in a show stopping vintage coat you will have for years.

A Vintage Jacket

Tweed, Suede, Fringe, Cashmere, Denim, Leather

Jackets are my favorites for their versatility. Add a tweed blazer over your usual uniform.

Wool and cashmere blazers are excellent. A vintage denim or leather jacket is a wardrobe staple.

A Vintage Brooch

Faux Pearls, Horseshoes, Star & Moon, Poodles

My favorite thing lately is to style a vintage brooch on the lapel of my work blazer or side of my coat. My favorites have the faux pearls or a celestial theme. Flower brooches look great on a color-coordinated coat. Novelty brooches look great on a denim jacket.

A Vintage Evening Bag

Lucite, Rhinestones, Beads, Seashells

Think Lucite, clear box bags from the 1950s, beaded embellished bags you can carry to a wedding, clutches in fun shapes lined with velvet. Sometimes you open a vintage bag and there is a pocket with a mirror, or a tiny silk coin purse inside. If your phone, wallet, and keys fit inside you’re ready to go, if nothing fits in the purse but a lipstick and some coins – you style your bookshelf with it!

A Vintage Belt

Leather, Sequins, Fringe, Studs

Easy to “make” an outfit with a statement belt. If you don’t have time to style a full outfit just add a statement belt to your usual uniform.

A Vintage Evening Dress

Silk, Velvet, Lace, Glamour

Show up to the party in something no one else will have. Add a leather jacket over a very formal or floral dress. Style a vintage party dress with modern block heels. You can wear a very fancy vintage dress to a NYE party. Pick a bright color for your birthday party.

Style extremely fabulous vintage dresses in photo shoots.

As we used to say at the shop, if you love it you must make the occasion!


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